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Roland EcoXtreme ink, 1000ml., Light Cyan

 - Dense, rich colors in CMYK+LcLm
 - Superior ink bonding
 - Cost effective
 - Developed for short-term applications

EcoXtreme LT for more cost effective, short-term applications such as event signage, campaign posters and short-term corporate ads.

Roland EcoXtreme ink was developed exclusively for the AdvancedJET AJ series to provide outstanding color density, wider gamut and rugged durability.  Available in six colors (CMYK+LcLm), EcoXtreme ink produces vibrant images even in high-speed production modes on both coated and uncoated media. 

EcoXtreme is particularly well suited for vehicle graphics and volume banner production, offering exceptional bonding with uncoated banner substrates and tarpaulin, as well as enhanced scratch and alcohol resistance for extended outdoor durability. 


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