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newsletter - 03.20.17

Meet us next month on April 20th-23rd at ISA in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Booth #1420 . Click here for a free show pass

Take advantage of the current $2,000 March Instant Rebates on Epson S40600S60600, and S80600 Solvent Printers!

In March, Epson F6200 's offer a $500 Instant Rebate (IR), and $500 Trade In Rebate (TIR)   Additionally,  the Epson F7200  offers $1,000 Instant Rebate, and $1,000 TIR Rebate, and the F9200 has a $2,000 TIR!

The Epson P10000 offers a $1,000 Instant Rebate, and the P20000 printer has a $1,500 Instant Rebate which also ends on March 31st. 

Canon's Free Inkset Rebate on Pro-4000, Pro-4000S and Pro-6000S ends 3.31.  Buy a Canon Pro 4000 / 44" Printer and get an $800 Mail-in Rebate, Free Inkset (value $1,167) and Dual Roll Multi Function Upgrade (MSRP of $1,000) and save $2,961! There is a $300 Rebate on the Pro-2000 and a whopping $1,200 Rebate on the Canon 9400 Printers!

Demo Equipment available at our upcoming Shows include Epson F2000 DTG, F6200 Dye Sublimation, S40600 Solvent, HP Z3200, Canon Pro-4000, Hotronix Fusion 16" x 20" and Geo Knight 20" x 25" Swing Away Heat Presses, and Lawson DTG Sprayers. Call 800-201-2160 for details and prices

HP Z3200 24" and 44" Printers are available at ridiculously low prices, along with Super Low Pricing on Z3200 Inksets. 

Shop with us online 24/7 at and Save on leading brands of Large Format Printers, Ink and Media. Call us at 800-201-2160 for the Best Values anywhere.

Summary of March 2017 Rebates/Promos on Epson, Canon, HP, & Mutoh Large Format Printers:
  1. $4,000 Instant Rebate on Epson F2000 DTG Printers ends 3.31.
  2. Up to $1,000 Instant Rebates on Epson P6000/P8000/P7000/P9000 Printers over 3.31.
  3. Up to $1,500 Rebate on F6200, $3,000 on F7200, and $4,000 on F9200 Dye Sub Printers ends 3.31.
  4. March Rebates on P20000 and P10000 Printers over 3.31.
  5. Free InkSet ($1,161 value) on Canon Pro-4000, 4000-S and 6000-S ends 3.31.
  6. $2,000 Instant Rebates on Epson S40600/S60600/S80600 Solvent Printers ending 3.31. 
  7. Epson Signature Worthy Media March - Buy 3 Rolls, Get a Refund on One Roll!
  8. Up to $1,200 Instant Rebates on Epson Technical/Poster Printers + New Educational Rebates.
  9. Save Big on Epson, HP and Canon Expired Inks!
  10. Z3200 Aqueous 24" and 44" Printers at best prices + Instant Rebates up to $3,000 on DesignJets. 
  11. Up to $10,000 Rebates, or Free Cutting Plotter, or Free 1324 Printer or 0% Interest on Mutoh Solvent / UV Printers.
  12. Demo/ Factory Refurbished Equipment available at reduced prices.
  13. Current Rebate Summaries from Epson, Canon and HP.
1. Epson F2000 DTG Printer with $4,000 Instant Rebate.

The $4,000 Instant Rebate on Epson F2000 DTG Printers ends March 31st . . . F2000's are on back order, but we have stock as of today! We also have Demo F2000 Printers and Demo Lawson PreTreat Sprayers available - Call us at 800-201-2160 for pricing.

Epson F2000 DTG Printer March Instant Rebate $4,000
Epson F2000 DTG Printer Demo unit Call

Go here to request a sample or Quote on the F2000.

2. New Epson P5000 announced, and Instant Rebates on Epson P6000, P7000, P8000, P9000 Printers ending on 3.31.

Check out Epson's new Print Layout Software included with Epson P-series printers (Free Download). Click here

If you want samples from Epson's New P Series Click Here.

New Epson P5000 Printer replaces the 4900 Printer . . . and they are shipping now!  Features include:

  • $100 Mail-in Rebate on Epson P5000, and $150 Mail-in Rebate on Epson P5000 Designer Edition
  • Refined Printer Design
  • Improved Black Density
  • 2X Print Permanence over Epson 4900
  • Auto switching between paper cassette and roll feeder
  • 10 color UltraChrome HDX Inkset
  • Only $1,795!

Commercial Edition with optional violet and Designer Editions available.

3. Up to $1,000 in Rebates on F6200, up to $2,000 Rebate on F7200 and up to $2,000 on F9200 Dye Sub Printers over on 3.31

Get a $500 Instant Rebate, and a $500 Trade In Rebate* on Epson F6200's!  Get a $1,000 Instant Rebate, and $1,000 Upgrade Rebate on a new Epson F7200. Or, get a $2,000 Upgrade Rebate on a new F9200 Printer! These are all stackable and can be combined!  See chart below. Additional discounts of up to $6,500 if you are a current Epson Rewards Account Member and have points to spend!  

Printer Model
National Instant Rebate
Trade In Rebate
Total Potential Discounts
Final Net price

*The Printers that qualify for Epson's Trade In Rebate include a 24" or larger Epson or other brand of Dye Sublimation printer. 

We have demo F6200 printers available at reduced prices - call in for your Price.

Features of the Epson Sublimation Printers include:

  • Epson F9200 / 64" Dual Head CMYK - Up to 1,044 Sq. Ft per hour, 3 Liter Ink Capacity
  • Epson F7200 / 64" - Up to 634 Sq. Ft per hour
  • Epson F6200 / 44" - Up to 634 Sq. Ft per hour
  • Epson F6200 and F7200 printers include 4 liters of ink, and the 9200 comes with 8 liters of ink
  • All models include Epson Wasatch Sublimation Version RIP
  • 1 Year bumper to bumper US Onsite Warranty
4. March Instant Rebates on High Speed P10000 and P20000 Printers!

The Epson P10000 has a $1,000 Instant Rebate, and the P20000 printer has a $1,500 Instant Rebate which ends March 31st.

Features of these new, high speed printers include:

  • Up to 2.8 times faster than P9000 Printer
  • 3.5 picoliter droplet, 2400 x 1200 dpi resolution, 8,000 nozzles
  • Internal 320 GB Printer Server
  • Black Density 1.5 times better than previous ink generations
  • Automatic printhead cleaning feature

For more information on a New P10000 or P20000, click on P20000 and P10000, or call your Sales Representative at 800-201-2160 to Order!

5. Free Ink Set on Canon Pro 4000 ($1,161 value), Pro 4000-S and 6000-S  $800 Mail in Rebate on Pro 4000 and $300 on Pro-2000 is back in March!  $1,000 Free Multi Function Dual Roll Feeder for Pro 4000 . . . up to $2,961 off on New Canon Pro-4000

Free Ink Set Promo on the Pro 4000 ($1,161 Value), Mail In Rebate and Free Multifunction Dual Roll option ends 3.31.17!

Canon's New Pro 2000/ 4000/ 4000S/ 6000S include the following features. Call 800-201-2160 for a custom quote.

  • New Lucia Pro ink set with 11 colors and Chroma Optimizer!
  • Chroma Optimizer reduces gloss differential & improves scratch resistance!
  • Single PF-10 print head with 18,432 nozzles!
  • Color Calibration assisted by included densitometer!
  • Wifi connectivity With Built in 320GB Hard Drive!
  • Use USB Thumb Drive and preview PDF and JPEG on control panel!
  • Free Layout includes nesting features!
  • Accounting Manager tracks ink and media print costs!

Call for availability or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you with a Custom Quote. Visit here to get an Instant Quote.

Click Here for Half Canon Ink Bundles, and Here for full Canon Ink bundles for Canon Printers. 

6. Epson Solvent S40600, S60600 and S80600 Printers offer up to $2,000 Instant Rebates!

Epson is offering $2,000 off on Epson  S40600, S60600 and S80600 Solvent Printers in March!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Printer Model
National Instant Rebate
Final Net price

Demo S40600 available, too. Call your Sales Representative for pricing.

Features of Epson's Solvent Printers includes:

  • S40600 / 64" / 4 Color Printer / Print Speed up to 215 sq. ft. per hour
  • S60600 / 64" / Dual CMYK Printer / Print Speed up to 550 sq. ft. per hour
  • S80600 / 64 / 8 or 10 Color Printer
  • New Red Ink for greatly increased color gamut
  • Fast Drying for same day lamination
  • Ink Recirculation on S80600 with optional white and silver ink
  • Automated Media Controls with Commercial Grade Feed and Take Up system
  • Three Stage Media Heating System
  • Cleaning Feature cuts maintenance time down to about 10 minutes per month
7. Epson Epson Legacy Media - Buy 3 get a rebate on 1!

Purchase any 3 combinations of qualifying Professional Imaging Legacy Media, and get a rebate by mail for the cost of 1 product purchased. Sheets or Rolls! Click here for the coupon.   Special March Discounted Pricing!

  • Legacy Baryta
  • Legacy Platine
  • Legacy Fibre
  • Legacy Etching

Go here for the full list.

8. Save up to $1,200 on Epson T3270/T5270/T7270 Technical Printers, and plus Educational Pricing! 


Sales Price w/Instant Rebate Education Pricing Promo Ends
T3270 / 24"
$2,295 $1,995
T3270 Screen Print Edition / 24" with Accurip Software, 24" Film. $2,795 N/A
T5270 / 36"
$2,945 $2,595
T5270D / 36"
$4,595 Call
T7270 / 44"
$3,595 $3,095
T7270D / 44"
$5,295 Call

9. Spring Cleaning on Media and Expired Ink Sale on Epson and Canon Large Format Inks

Check out these prices on Canon and Epson Inks, plus Canon & Epson Media:

Click here for the list of Media


Click here for the list of expired Epson Inks

Click here for the list of expired Canon Inks


10. Up to $3,000 CITU Rebates on select HP Large Format Aqueous Printers.

New HP Z2600 / 24" and Z5600 / 44" Printers announced - Click for details.

11. Get a Free Mutoh Printer or up to $10,000 in Rebates with the purchase of a Mutoh Solvent Printer.

  • 0% Interest on a new Mutoh Printer, OR
  • Get a Free Mutoh Cutting Plotter with the purchase of a Mutoh Solvent Printer (Call 800-201-2160 for details)! OR
  • Up to $10,000 Instant Rebates on Mutoh Solvent Printers. Contact us at 800-201-2160 for Rebate Details!  OR
  • Get a Free 1324 / 54" Solvent Printer with purchase of a 1638 UH Printer!
12. Demo Printers for sale at reduced prices.

We have the following Demo / Refurbished Printers available for purchase in stock.

  • Sawgrass Virtuoso 628 24" Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Graphtec FC8600 Plotter/Cutter
  • Epson F2000 DTG Printers
  • Canon Pro 4000 Dual Roll Printer + Free Inkset ($1,161 value)
  • Epson F6200 Sublimation Printer
  • Mutoh Tabletop 426 LED Printer
  • Canon 6450 Printer with Free Ink!
  • Hotronix Fusion and Geo Knight 20 x 25 Swinger Heat Presses
  • HP Z3200 Printers
  • Lawson DTG Sprayers
13. Current Rebate Summaries from Epson, Canon, Mutoh and HP.

Click Here for the complete list of current rebates.

We will meet or beat any offer from Authorized Professional Dealers on any of the products we sell. Go to our website at or call us at 800-201-2160 and Save.

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